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This is a good place for playing with Wiki features to see what they do and how they work. I thought we should have one of these... --Kim :-)

Hmm, it lets me revise other people's text too. ::Tim Freeman tells himself::

Yes, such are the wonders of Wiki. --Kim

Wow. Tom

Impressive, isn't it?

Evidently so.... let's start a story. There was a unix user who logged in and had bash as his shell...

He used it and used it, and didn't know what was wrong!

Then he realized nothing was wrong. He just needed _learn_ bash. Then he could use it just fine.

But other people told him to stay off bash and use tcsh or evil things would happen..

like in-growing toe nails...

Sample Heading

  1. Numbered list item 1
  2. Numbered list item 2

To help this Wiki get started, here's the sample SandBox information I'm putting together on my (company internal) Wiki. The idea is to provide a basic example of all Wiki constructs so that people can see what they look like and then edit this page to see how to create them. --DavidMasterson


A paragraph is simply created by beginning in column 1 and typing the whole thing in without a carriage return. The paragraph is ended when you hit the carriage return. Most people separate paragraphs by two carriage returns, but list entry items (which are a subclass of paragraph) are separated by a single carriage return.

Indented paragraphs begin with one or more ':' characters and otherwise look the same as a regular paragraph. The whole paragraph will be indented a number of levels corresponding to the number of colons.

This is a two level indented paragraph.

Text Types

You can put various types of text into your Wiki pages:

Bullet Lists

Numeric Lists

  1. List item 1
    1. List item 1.1
    2. List item 1.2
  2. List item 2

Definition Lists

First level term
Definition 1
Second level term
Definition 2

Headers (between the lines)

First Level Header

Second Level Header

Third Level Header

Fourth Level Header


You need to install the UseMod:WikiPatches/PictureSmileys patch for these to work:

Hyper Links

Hyperlinks are easily put into a Wiki. There are generally four types:

OK, so if I want to link to an [art] page as a test then I would do it like this.

Testing UseModWiki?

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