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This page is a collection of prompts that people find useful in tcsh.

 set prompt = "-- %T %n %~ -- \n$ "

...results in a prompt that looks like:

  -- 23:16 lion ~/my/tmp --

I thrive on history, and like to have a short reminder of where I am (like the trailing directory and its parent)

 set prompt = "%B%U%C2%u %h)%b "

...which results in a prompt that looks like:

  my/tmp 21) 

...where the number 21 represents the place in the history buffer.


 set prompt = "-- %w, %d %D %T %n %~ -- \n$ "
 -- Sep, Mon 29 22:48 gps ~/tk8.4.4/generic --

This gives the time (in boldface - I tend to lose track of time), machinename ("Seraph" in my case), and up to three trailing directories. "Set ellipsis" is optional - without it the prompt will count the "hidden" subdirectories. Note that the flanking characters will depend on your $promptchars variable setting.

 set ellipsis
 set prompt = "%# %B%t%b %m:%c03 %#\n$ "

gives (normal):

 % 3:50am Seraph:~ %

and (superuser):

 # 3:52am Seraph:~ #

I can't stand a prompt that takes more than one line:

 set prompt="%n@%m%B%~%b[%h]%B%T%b%#"

which looks like:


(that is: pwd and the time are in bold, hist is the location to which the current command will be inserted into the history buffer)

Like it colorful:

  set prompt="\n%B%{\033[34m%}[%h] %d %D.%w.%Y %P\n%{\033[31m%}[%n][%m][%~]\n%{\033[30m%}%b"

gives you the follwoing prompt

 [349] Thu 29.Jan.2004 23:00:20


where the first line is in bold blue, the second in bold red, and the input is on the third line... enjoy.

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